Patio Installation and construction

Having a patio holds many benefits for you as a homeowner. It helps beautify your house and serves as a place to relax and have fun with friends and family. Whether you are the type that enjoys a quiet family time or having friends come around for a party, having a patio installed is the way to go.When it comes to installing a patio, there are several options to choose from. You can choose to have a brick, stone, slate, or concrete patio installation. Each of these options has its advantage; however, concrete patio installation is the most affordable of the bunch. When classifying paver patios, there are three main types.

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Concrete pavers

You can either choose interlocking concrete pavers or traditional concrete pavers. You should know that interlocking concrete pavers are more durable, stronger, and easier to replace than traditional concrete pavers. Hence, they are highly recommended if you can afford them.

Natural stone pavers

Natural stone pavers make for some of the most stylish patios around. Their allure and aesthetic appeal are hard to compete against. Natural stone pavers have diverse colors and patterns to choose from, which further enhances their appeal.

Brick pavers

Brick pavers are highly popular because of their cost-effectiveness. There is also a high degree of options available to choose from. While they are not as stunning and interesting as natural concrete pavers, they serve their purpose well enough. Fair warning, even though they are the best option for people on a budget, their costs can run pretty high if their color is unusual.
Concrete is an aggregate of several resilient materials, and this helps ensure its durability. As a result, you can rest assured that your patio will hold up in every weather, whether good or bad. You can also be sure it will be strong enough to withstand a significant volume of foot traffic.
However, installing a patio is not a child’s play: it requires tons of experience, in-depth knowledge of which materials to use, and many more.

We are a company that is well-versed in patio installations, whether it is a brick patio or otherwise. We have a team of experienced professionals who love and know what they are doing. Our results speak for themselves. Hence, you can rest assured that we will deliver a service that is well beyond your expectations.


Concrete-based solutions are popular in landscaping. On the one hand, they are durable and strong. On the other hand, they can be used in such ways as to be aesthetically appealing. We offer two concrete-based solutions: concrete paving and stamped concrete.

Concrete Pavers

Are you looking to pave a pathway through your garden? Or are you looking to build a suitable driveway for your vehicles? Concrete paving is the answer, and we at Vista Landscaping have the right materials necessary for a superb job.

Concrete pavers, also called paving stones, are a type of building material used for outdoor installations. They are strong, suitable for use in several situations, and easy on the eye. For these reasons, they are in high demand by people looking to improve their landscaping. With concrete pavers, you have a wide range of options to choose from based on different factors. These factors include size, color, and shape.

Concrete pavers are similar to tiles. They require minimal fuss for installation as they are ready-made. As such, all that is needed is for them to be installed on-site. For a successful installation of concrete pavers, a compacted base of soil and sand is required.

Concrete pavers are composed of pigments, sand, and gravel. They are strong, elegant, and reliable. They are also affordable when compared to other landscaping and hardscaping options. These, coupled with the wide range of design options they offer, are responsible for their increasing popularity.

Stamped Concrete

If your garage, backyard patio, or any outdoor installation for that matter looks unappealing and dull, consider a stamped concrete solution. Stamped concrete, sometimes referred to as textured or imprinted concrete, replicates the patterns we see in certain materials like natural stone, slate & flagstone, wood, tile, and brick. It is a versatile landscaping solution that offers a varying degree of styles, patterns, and colors. It is structurally resilient, highly durable, and of great aesthetic appeal. Choosing this means you are choosing years of use. It will last you through several seasons and constant walking and driving.

At Vista Landscaping, we offer high-quality, stamped concrete solutions supported by years of experience. If you are interested in getting the best possible stamped concrete services, get in touch with us.