Commercial Landscaping in 

San Marcos, TX

While landscaping is vital to having a healthy and beautiful outdoor space, you must stay on top of its maintenance throughout the year to ensure it grows appropriately. Doing this also ensures that unsightly weeds do not hamper your lawn's growth or make it appear less attractive. Landscape maintenance is more than just cutting the lawn; it is more demanding. Some of the services involved in landscape maintenance are:

Large property maintenance and HOA Services

Also known as detailing, this service includes debris removal, weeding, trimming, removal of spent blooms, monitoring, and removal of dying leaves and branches. This service is essential as it ensures that your property maintains its appeal all year round.

General Bed Maintenance

Also known as detailing, this service includes debris removal, weeding, trimming, removal of spent blooms, monitoring, and removal of dying leaves and branches. This service is essential as it ensures that your yard maintains its appeal all year round.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring and fall cleanup involve a more in-depth cleaning, such as general bed maintenance, bed edging, mulch raking, debris removal, pruning, leaf removal, cutting back perennials, and ornamental grasses, etc. It is usually carried out during the fall season. Conducting spring and fall cleanups provide your property with an aesthetic appeal as it makes things look better. In addition, some of these cleanup tasks also enable the plants to grow better and ensure that pests and diseases don't take up residence.

Regular Mowing

Carrying out regular mowing on your lawn will help ensure you maintain a clean look. Keeping your grass trimmed will also allow you to keep pests, such as ticks and mosquitoes, away as it removes their "hideouts." While mowing is one task that is easy to keep up with, missing just one session will have a massive impact on your landscape outlook. As a result, you should endeavor to be consistent.

Leaf Removal

Property owners usually think they can tackle leaves in one cleanup. This is far from the case, however, as the leaves typically end up being more work than they appear to be. Removing leaves from your lawn enables you to keep your landscape clean and introduce a curb appeal. Even though it is hard work, it is important to remove all the leaves and debris on your property to prevent it from becoming a hideout for rodents during the colder months.

Pruning and Hedging

Pruning and hedging at the right time are essential to improved plant health and bloom performance. Pruning is usually carried out to maintain the size or shape, remove spent blooms, remove dead or diseased limbs, and ensure a landscape's growth. On the other hand, hedging involves shaking plants into geometric forms.

Watering your Lawn

As you might expect, regularly watering your lawn is essential to maintaining its health. While watering is a lawn care or grass maintenance activity that can be carried out manually, you have to use a professional irrigation system to ensure your lawn is watered adequately. The latest irrigation systems use technology like weather sensors that ensure your grounds are neither under-watered nor overwatered.

Plant Health Care

All plants feed on the nutrients available in the soil, and they require continuous attention to ensure that their growths are unhindered. Paying attention to your plants will enable you to know when it requires pruning and fertilization, spraying for disease and insects, etc., that will allow the plants to thrive.

Landscape maintenance is an essential part of keeping your landscape beautiful and clean. It involves multiple tasks that have to be carried out at appropriate times. While you can handle some of these tasks, you need professional help for other tasks. Contact Vista Landscaping today to hire our services for landscaping in San Marcos, TX.


Irrigation systems can be tricky to get just right. That is why we have a competent team of experts to handle that job for you. We evaluate and plan the best methods and equipment needed to keep your lawns green and vegetation thriving no matter the season and environment. Speaking of the environment. We are conscious of it and fight to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of San Marcos in a safe and ethical way. We are proud to implement environmentally friendly practices to make sure we are doing the best for our planet.

Clearing space for new construction

If you are planning new construction and vegetation and trees are in the way, we can assist in clearing the lot in a smart and sustainable way. We have arborists who can advise on the best way to preserve the natural beauty of the property while making it accessible and viable for construction. Having trees in the property is not a problem, it is an advantage, it will increase the appeal and value of any construction site. Work with what you have and get the result you need.