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We are a landscaping company that caters to residents of San Marcos, Texas, and its environs. We are a team of passionate and dedicated professionals committed to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of properties through beautiful landscapes. We offer a diverse range of affordable and high-quality services including:

  • design and installation of outdoor areas

  • outdoor lighting

  • sprinkler systems

  • fertilization

  • HOA landscape maintenance

  • tree removal, care, and maintenance

  • patio installation

  • stamped concrete

  • outdoor kitchens

  • firepit construction

  • deck construction

  • land clearing for new construction

  • SOD installation

  • Hydromulch

  • and much more!

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Everyone loves a beautiful garden

A beautiful garden to relax in is one of our favorite things about our homes. It attracts wildlife like birds and deer who feel right a home in such an attractive setting.

We at Vista landscaping are here to help you achieve your dream outdoor area where you can entertain, or just relax with the family on a nice sunny San Marcos afternoon.

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Affordable landscaping

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Landscaping is demanding. However, many people do not have the time, energy, or know-how to do a fantastic job of it. Enter Vista Landscaping, a landscaping company that is providing San Marcos residents with high-quality landscaping services. While we are not the only landscaping company in the area, we are the company of choice for most people around. Here are three reasons why this is so:

Top 3 Reasons To Pick Us

We are affordable: Everybody loves to get value for their money, and we provide that. You will not find better value for every cent in the San Marcos area than Vista Landscaping. We provide superb quality services for an affordable price. We maintain a high degree of professionalism and satisfy our customers in the discharge of our duties. As a result, our clients trust and patronize us continuously. We are sure you will too.

We offer a wide variety of services: Whether you are looking to design or maintain your landscape, install brick or a concrete patio, and so on, we can help you. We offer a diverse number of landscaping services, and we deliver satisfactory results. This distinguishes us from other landscaping services, most of which do not provide the range of services we do. 
Our vast experience and expertise help us deliver unrivaled landscaping services. Thus, we can draw up comprehensive landscaping strategies that will genuinely satisfy our clients.

We are passionate about landscaping: While providing landscaping services is our job, it is also something we are passionate about. We find meaning and purpose in shaping landscapes and bringing out their potential. Landscaping is something we love to do and that we do with love. Whether we are delivering a grass maintenance service or lawn care, we put a bit of ourselves in what we are doing. Due to this, we have a propensity for getting excellent results that our clients approve of, results that other landscaping agencies lacking in passion cannot deliver.


These are our most requested services in San Marcos, TX.

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We provide commercial services such as large property or HOA landscape care and maintenance, clearing a space for new construction, emergency tree service and large area irrigation and fertilization.
We are a company that provides landscaping maintenance services to residents of San Marcos, Texas. Whether you are looking for lawn care or grass maintenance services, you can trust our team of experts to handle it well.

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We help you achieve your home's true potential. Landscape design involves many different methods by which you can enhance your landscape’s allure. One of the most prominent is outdoor lighting, where you make use of outdoor illumination to bolster your landscape’s aesthetics, guarantee safety, and improve security. We also specialize in sprinkler systems and artificial turf installation.

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While their primary purpose of patios is to provide a suitable place for outdoor relaxation, their addition to a property’s value cannot be underestimated. They are a great way to bolster the elegance of a property. If you are looking for quality patio installations, we are your best bet. Firstly, we love what we do. Secondly, we place a high priority on customer satisfaction. Therefore, you can be sure you will love it.

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 For trees to grow strong, healthy and unhindered, they need our support. Tree pruning, tree removal, and tree trimming are some of how we can provide this support. Performing these actions will not only encourage healthy growth; it will also bring out their beauty and appeal.

At Vista Landscaping, we provide emergency tree removal, yard care, and other tree-related services to people living in San Marcos, Texas. 

Recent Blog Posts

Benefits of Landscaping

Do you have a nice outdoor space to retreat to, whether at home or in your workplace? If no, you may want to consider creating one as an adequately landscaped lawn can help make a world of difference for yourself and the people around you. Regardless of the form your landscaping efforts take, be it the addition of greenery, flower beds, or exciting water features, having a beautiful landscape will provide you with tons of benefits. Some of these benefits are:

A cooler temperature: Even if all your landscape consists of is a simple grass lawn, it would still provide a cooler temperature than one of asphalt, cement, and bare soil. In fact, a simple grass lawn is up to 20 degrees cooler than asphalt and 31 degrees cooler than bare soil. This can ultimately help reduce your cost of living by lowering your air-conditioning needs. Moreover, having tall trees on the southern and western parts of a building can provide shade during the day's hot parts. They can also reduce your attic temperature by up to 40 degrees.

Improved air and water quality: Did you know that a single tree can remove up to 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air in a single year? This is the same volume of emissions from driving a car about 11,000 miles. Grasses and trees are highly effective in capturing dust and smoke particles, reducing carbon dioxide in the environment, and producing healthy and life-giving oxygen. Hence, planting grass and trees is one simple yet efficient way by which we can all protect the environment.
You should note an exciting landscaping fact that one tree can supply enough oxygen for four people daily.

Improved Quality of Life

Landscaping also improves the quality of life through the myriad number of psychological and physical benefits it provides. For instance, walking through a natural environment is known to improve attention and memory, while looking at plants reduces blood pressure. People who live in neighborhoods with plants and trees reportedly have reduced stress levels and healthcare costs.

Apart from the aforementioned, landscaping offers several other benefits to people who have them. If you want to have these benefits, contact Vista Landscaping for your landscaping, San Marcos, TX.

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